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Welcome to Guarantor Loan Finder, the simple, NO FEE guarantor loan broker.

There are so many options out there on the market and we help make it simple and easy to not only get approved, but to get the best rates on the full loan amount you need.

When you apply with us, you take advantage of:

  • Rates From As Low As 29.9% APR;
  • Absolutely NO FEES Charged;
  • Compare The Top Guarantor Lenders;
  • We Could Get You Your Loan TODAY.

We can offer loans from as low as £500 up to a maximum of £12,000 depending on your borrowing needs and circumstances.

Have you applied for a guarantor loan before and been declined? This could be for many different reasons but no matter the situation we could have a lender up our sleeves that will be able to help.

Whatever your guarantor loan needs, we give you the best chance of finding someone that will pay out your application.

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Applying for a guarantor loan through us is simple. We will talk you through all of the available options, including who you can use as your guarantor (we can accept homeowner, tenants or other non-homeowners), how much (exactly) you will be able to borrow and what your repayments will be.

Same Day

Need your guarantor loan in a hurry? We can help you get your loan within 24 hours of applying as long as you and your guarantor are available to provide any supporting documents and speak to the lender when they call. Depending on the lender that is suitable, we will let you know what you need.

No Fees

Unlike some companies who will do their best to scam you out of money with things like up-front payments, we will not charge you a penny to find you a guarantor loan that is right for you. Some lenders may add a broker fee to your loan when it is paid, although the majority of them will not.

About Guarantor Loans

A guarantor loan is a type of loan designed for people with a “less than perfect” credit history. Perhaps you have missed a loan repayment within the last couple of years, or even got as far as to default on your payments or a County Court Judgement (CCJ) - when taking out a guarantor loan the lender will overlook the majority of these situations with the help of a friend or family member to “back you up”, and give you their seal of approval.

By using a guarantor to back up your application, the lender is able to lend you more - up to £12,000 - at a more competitive rate than other lenders designed to help those with a poor credit history - as low as 29.9% in some cases.

This does mean that there is some additional paperwork to fill out compared to the more traditional instalment loans available. But not to worry, you can still do all of this online, from signing your documentation to uploading any required supporting documents.

Who Can Be Your Guarantor

There are plenty of different lenders in the market now who will accept vastly different types of guarantor for your loan. So unlike a couple of years ago, tenants (or non-homeowners in general) are a viable option - although the loan amount is often reduced to a maximum of £5,000. A homeowner with good credit will give you access to the best rates and highest loan amounts.

Employment status will also have an effect, an employed guarantor with a fixed income is ideal although if they are self-employed we also have some options available. We can help with guarantors aged anywhere between 18 and 75. Most importantly the guarantor should have a fair or better credit history, with no bankruptcy, IVAs or recent CCJs or defaults.

Guarantor Lender vs Guarantor Loan Finder

As you can see above, there are many different options when it comes to guarantor lenders. Each of them accept different types of applicants and guarantors. That’s what we specialise in. Applying directly to every lender to find one that fits your circumstances can take a long time, and unfortunately you also risk a lot of wasted time on the phone, and gathering the required documentation, only to find out right at the end the lender is actually unable to help.

With us you can avoid this frustration. We will filter the lenders down for you based on your situation, and only put you through to the companies most likely to be able to help. Best of all, we do not charge any fees at all for the service. If your loans pays out the lender will pay us commission, this is the only way we make money so it is in our best interest to find you a lender that really will get you the money you need.

How To Get Your Guarantor Loan Same Day

If you need your loan in a hurry (perhaps you need to consolidate some outstanding debt or you have an unexpected payment) then we will help accomodate your urgency. A lot of the lenders we work with will endeavour to turn your loan application round as quickly as possible as long as they have everything they need to complete off both yourself - as the borrower - and your guarantor.

Some of the things you should ensure if you are looking for your loan on the same day is that:

If you are prepared, a same day loan is definitely not our of the question.

Supporting Documents

While some of the lenders we work with will only need to carry out electronic checks to confirm your address, identification and income, some lenders will need to see proof of this in the form of supporting documentation. If this is the case, you will usually be required to supply copies of the following:

You can send these in using numerous different methods:

There are, of course, other methods of sending in your documents, if you explain your situation to us we should be able to suggest the optimal method for you.

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